Why Vinyl Siding Is Perfect for Your Illinois Home

The popularity of vinyl siding is exploding. This has a lot to do with its flexibility in style; vinyl siding can be designed to match any style - and even made to look convincingly like other materials. The aesthetic appeal of vinyl siding is great, but the main appeal is probably its long-lasting durability and low cost. Vinyl siding can last up to 15 years and require a minimal amount of maintenance -- you won’t have to worry about that extra coat of paint every couple years. It is also as low as one-third of the cost of other popular home exterior options.

These facts alone make it an obvious choice for your home, but the advantages of vinyl siding don’t stop there. Here are some other reasons vinyl siding is a great option for your home:

  • Not as susceptible to insect infestation and nesting
  • Energy efficient and can help reduce heat loss
  • A sustainable option that is environmentally friendly
  • Quiet and can help absorb outside noise
There is nothing scarier than the thought of termites slowly eating away at your home without your knowledge. Termites are hard to detect and can do extensive damage in a short amount of time. Vinyl siding is designed to protect your home from these destructive critters, as well as a host of other insect infestations. Not only is it an extra level of defense between the wood structure of your home and unwanted pests, but it keeps wood dry, preventing rot. Rotting and damaged wood is extra susceptible to termites and other insects, as well as mold and fungus, which can present health issues.
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Vinyl siding is also the most “green” option for your home exterior. It outperforms brick, wood, and most other exterior cladding in energy efficiency. It’s ability to reduce air transfer between the interior and exterior of the home will save you money on your energy bills, and is better for the environment. Additionally, vinyl siding is great at minimizing sound transfer, making your home quieter and more peaceful for you, and your neighbors will thank you when you decide to blast your favorite record!
Despite its long-lasting durability, it is susceptible to extreme weather conditions. Intense hot or cold temperatures can lead to cracks in siding and high winds can blow pieces of siding off of your home entirely, leaving your home susceptible. While it generally requires minimal upkeep and maintenance, it is important to know when the time comes to replace your vinyl siding. Regular inspections for cracked or damaged siding can keep your home dry and safe year round.

If you need a fresh look, think that your current siding has seen better days, or are exploring options for your new construction project in Illinois, contact us today for a free estimate.

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